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Authentic range cooking and modern central heating

A Rayburn is a beautiful, controllable cast-iron range cooker, which includes a central heating boiler capable of powering your radiators and hot water system.

A Rayburn is a home energy centre. And, of course, like its sister brand AGA, a Rayburn creates the most succulent and wonderfully cooked food.

Warming the home
You don't need a separate central heating boiler with a Rayburn. Thanks to its built-in boiler, it can power up to 20 radiators. That means you can enjoy a cosy, warm kitchen and heating for the rest of the home.

Like any other boiler, a Rayburn is fully controllable, with timers for heating and hot water. That puts you in control and maximises fuel efficiency. The Rayburn is also the first A-rated condensing appliance in the UK, meaning you save money through even more efficient fuel usage.

Hot water when you need it
A Rayburn delivers copious amounts of hot water - for showers, baths, the kitchen and the central heating. Thanks to its built-in boiler, you'll always have plenty of hot water right when you need it. And that's all independent of the range cooker itself.

Fabulous food
Manufactured from cast iron with a beautifully enamelled exterior, every Rayburn uses indirect heat technology to cook food. That means it's 'kind to food', sealing in the flavours and natural juices. A Rayburn creates healthier, more delicious dishes - in the ovens and on the hot plate. Plus, you can dispense with your kettle and toaster (even the tumble dryer) because it can all be done with a Rayburn.

Green energy
With Rayburn acting as the centre of your home, you can be sure you are using energy as efficiently as possible. And with our new Smart System, you can also make the most of renewable energy sources by connecting a wood-burning stove, solar thermal panels or a heat pump to the Rayburn for a fully automatic green energy system.

A Rayburn for everyone
We're all different and the lives we lead vary enormously. That's why there's a Rayburn for everyone. You can you choose what type of fuel you want to use, as well as whether you want a full central heating appliance - with or without hot water - or a cooker-only model. Plus, there are seven stunning colours to choose from.

Choosing a Rayburn

With a broad range of models available, there's a Rayburn to suit every home and every lifestyle. The first decision you need to make is whether you want a combined cooking, hot water and central heating model or a cooker-only model. You will also need to decide which fuel option is best for you from a choice of oil, solid fuel or gas.

Rayburn offers a wide choice of size and design options to meet the needs of the most demanding kitchen environments. And, of course, you can choose from a range of enamel colours to suit you and your d¨Ścor.

For the best advice on the Rayburn to suit your needs, visit your local Rayburn stockist. We have an experienced network of shops and authorised dealerships throughout the UK, with experts on hand to help you make the right choice.

Reliability and efficiency lie at the heart of the Rayburn concept. Designed by engineers and hand built by craftsmen, the Rayburn delivers assured performance year after year.


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